As part of our expansion programme the following CNC machines were added at the beginning of 2018

- Doosan DNM750 II
- Doosan GT2600M
- Mazak Multiplex 630 Gantry Loader

Please see our 'CNC Capacity' page for images.

Latest News

ENS Precision engineering have just bought another Doosan LYNX 300M CNC Lathe. (See updated CNC Capacity list)
Taking our investment in new machine tools to over 350,000 pounds in the last 18 months.

Work is completed on the temperature controlled inspection department, See capacity list for pictures.

ENS Precision Engineering uses ONECNC cam software to work from STP/IGES file to produce cutter paths enabling error free programming direct from design.

ENS Precision strengthens its apprentiship program.

We now have three apprentices on board